Intervju med Richelle Mead!

Intervjuen innehåller frågor och svar om Game boards of the gods, Bloodlines och Vampire Academy! :D
Q: who is your fave character from VA series/Bloodlines?
A: No's like picking kids! But I love my narrators: Rose, Sydney, and Adrian.
Q: Will the dragomir sisters reunite soon and braid each other's hair perhaps?
A: The Dragomir Sisters will indeed be reuniting later in the Bloodlines series. Braiding hair TBD
Q: who was your dream cast for Adrian when you wrote Frostbite?
A: I don't have anyone in mind. I'll just be surprised when (knock on wood) Frostbite becomes a movie. :)
Q: How many more books can we expect such of fan of #VA and #Bloodlines
A: There'll be six Bloodlines books total, and I'd love to do a third series after that, not sure about who yet
Q: Will you came to Brazil some day?
A: Maybe someday! It's hard for me to do much international travel right now, but I love my Brazilian fans. :)
Q: Richelle, what do you think it's the biggest difference between Adrian in TIS and him in TFH?
A: Adrian grows up a LOT in FH. He has some very tough emotional times ahead, wrestling with his personal demons.
Q: Are you happy with the cast of @OfficialVAMovie ? Zoey, Danila and Lucy? :)
A: Very happy! @OfficialVAMovie has done an exceptional job. I'm so, so excited.
Q: Do you still have movie news?
A: Nothing new, but expect more soon!
Q: who is your favorite character to write about in bloodlines?
A: It changes. Right now it's Sydney and Adrian because the story focuses on them so much.
Q: Do you have any particular actors in mind that you think would make a good Christian?
A: I don't! I'm waiting to be surprised. :) The Christian cast announcement should be coming pretty soon.
Q: this isn't really a question, but I love your books soo much. ok bye :)
A: Thank you so much!
Q: is the WHOLE cast confirmed for the movie yet?
A: Not everyone, but they're very close. Filming starts at the end of this month, so it'll have to be soon. :)
Q: how did Vampire Academy come about?
A: I learned about Russian vamp myths in a class & combined it w/an idea to write about a warrior girl and her teacher
Q: You're always posting Danila's pictures, how excited are you that he's playing Dimitri?! He's so nice to fans!
A: I'm excited! People who saw his audition say he owned it. He def looks the part, and I love how nice he is to fans.
Q: What was your biggest inspiration when writing Vampire Academy?
A: Not sure there's just one. It was the coming together of a lot of ideas!
Q: When are you planning to finish the Bloodlines series?
A: There are 6 books total that come out every 9-10 months. The 4th one is out in November, so...2015? Math is hard.
Q: what's the best part of writing about Adrian
A: His dialogue. :)
Q: what's the best thing about writing? i love reading it just takes me to a different world, wish the people were real!
A: Being able to create these characters and their emotions, then make you feel the emotions is the best. :)
Q: A lot of peeps from tumblr platonically ships Christian & Sydney. Will they ever be BFF in the next upcoming books??
A: lol I don't have plans for it, but Sydney and Eddie have some heartbreaking platonic friend moments in FH
Q: will you be visiting the movie set in UK?
A: I hope so! It's still early, so there's still a lot of details to work out. :)
Q: Will Adrian Ivashkov call Rose Hathaway "little dhampir" again?
A: Maybe. :) They meet up in Fiery Heart and are quite nice to each other.
Q: Are you nervous about a new series launching into the world? #GameboardoftheGods
A: Yes! Although it's a very "Mead" book, it's still new & you never know if people are ready to try that. I hope so!
Q: which book is your favorite out of all of yours you've written? including Succubus Blues, Storm Born, etc.
A: I might be biased, but right now, I just LOVE The Fiery Heart.
Q: what was your main inspiration to write Rose?
A: There was no one thing. She just came from a little of different pieces into one wonderful Rose !
Q: Have you ever considered doing a VA series with Lissa and Christian as main Characters?
A: It's crossed my mind. :)
Q: Can you put some or at least one more quote? I'm so exited,by the way I'm glad I wasn't the only 1 in twitter Jail
A: There should be some FH quotes coming soon from @BloodlinesBooks, I think, in the next couple weeks.
Hey #askmead peeps. I have to take a break to eat. Back in about 10 minutes.
Back. Twitter's showing me I have over 200 questions. I'll keep typing away on this flight to get through as many as I can!
Q: Are we going to get any more of Dimitri in the #Bloodlines series?? PLS! PLS!
A: We'll see Dimitri in The Fiery Heart and also in the rest of the books of the Bloodlines series. Rose too.
Q: do you already know the name of the 5th Bloodlines Book??? :P
A: Not yet, but I've been thinking about it. :)
Q: will u b appearing in the movie?
A: I sincerely doubt it. :)
Q: Will Adrian bite Sydney?
A: He's got other things on his mind...
Q: Which character in your VA and BL series do you think you're most like?
A: Probably most like Sydney...though we're still pretty different. No one in the series is exactly a copy of me.
Q: Why and when did you first start writing? And where did you get the idea for the VA series?
A: I started writing as a child, but it wasn't until my late 20s that I had the discipline to write something publishable
Q: Will Hopper appear in other books?
A: Totally.
Q: Sydrian sex in Fiery Heart pls
A: It's a hot book. It's also an emotional book. And a "Richelle did what???" book.
Q: Who has been your favorite character to write and why? And which one has been the most challenging?
A: I love writing witty guys like Adrian and Dorian. Bad Dimitri was one of the most difficult.
Q: what are three words that describe the type of writer you see yourself as/hope to be?
A: real, emotional, evolving
Q: what was the hardest book to write?
A: The first in a new series is always hardest. Bloodlines was hard, Gameboard of the Gods REALLY hard.
Q: You have fans all around the world. Any change to come visit your international fans? Say like..Brazil?
A: Eventually. Right now my son is too young to travel w/me and I don't like to be gone for very long from him.
Q: Are you stopped at street frequently for fans?
A: No, never. :) Sometimes at conventions or signings where people are already expecting me, though.
Q: how excited are you about the movie and the cast????
A: Very excited! They're all working so hard.
Q: have u ever thought about doing a series on peter & cody? And what happened to Roman in the end? X
A: I would love to do a Carter series one day, and then we'd find out about Roman! It's all about finding the time, though.
Q: do you have any plans to visit Scotland any time soon?
A: I would love it, believe me. Int'l travel is just difficult for me right now! I may be in the UK for set visit, though.
Q: I read an ARC of #GameboardOfTheGods and i loved it! You, once again, started an amazing series.
A: Glad you liked it!
Q: are rose and adrian going to interact any time soon?
A: Yup. In The Fiery Heart!
Q: adrian ivashkov or dimitri belikov?
A: I love them both.
Q: My friend couldn't come today because of family stuff, but she loves VA a ton. Could you give her a twitter shoutout?
A: Twitter shoutout, Danah's friend! :)
Q: Do you have any vote in choosing the actors for the upcoming Vampire Academy movie?
A: No. All casting and movie choices are in director's and producers' hands. But they're doing an AMAZING job.
Q: Are angeline and trey will become a couple in TFH?
A: Let's just say they're still interested in each other for sure. :)
Q: Do you have any methods that you use to fight writers block?
A: For me, the best thing is to do anything that involves not thinking about writing. Overthinking is what's brutal.
Q: can we expect a little angst in the relationship b/w A &Syd? Meaning will it be tested
A: Oh, yes. There's a lot of testing...just like in any relationship. :)
Q: Is Teresa from your new series will have a love interest in the latter books?Im quite curious!
A: Let's just say Justin may get a taste of his own medicine looking after her!
Q: Do you intend to write another short story about Rose and Dimitri?
A: No, but they do have bigger parts to play near the end of the Bloodlines series.
Q: Any chance you will post the Fiery Heart readings you did on tour online??
A: Yup, I sure will! Not sure when. Gameboard of the Gods Chap 3 will go up this week first.
Q: what is your creative process like?
A: Boring. :) I have a set time I work each day and sit down to do it, often getting sidetracked on Twitter/FB.
Q: What were you thinking when you decided to have Mason killed?! :((
A: Sorry, it had to happen!
Q: this isn't really a question but thank you for creating vampire academy
A: Thanks for reading!
Q: what advise would you give for people who want to start writing? What to study? How to start?
A: You can learn a lot studying the books you love to read. Think about what makes those stories work.
A: When you write your own stuff, write what you're passionate about and don't worry if others will like it.
Q: who's point of view do you like writing in the most in VA or Bloodlines?
A: I like them both. They're very different, and as a writer, it's fine trying different writing skills.
Q: are you going to be doing any book signings in the south? Tennessee area?
A: No plans at the moment, but it could happen someday! I love TN. My mom's family was originally from there.
Q: If you weren't a writer what would you want to be?
A: A teacher (which I was, before becoming an author).
Q: Are you done reading fiery heart?
A: Fiery Heart is still being revised and finalized.
Q: do you miss writing about georgina and eugenie? (@imaquickstudy)
A: Yes, but it's also fun to try new characters. Great username, by the way
Q: will you ever write something about the strigoi? like maybe where they originated from, etc?
A: Interesting idea, but no plans, I'm afraid. :)
Q: Whats your favorite thing about Age of X?
A: The characters.
Q: You have no saved tale after Dark Swan. I need to know ... over Dorian, please!
A: I would like to write another Dark Swan book, but it may be a while. Sorry!
Q: Will you came to Argentina someday? Greetings from there :) I love you.
A: It could happen, but I can't do much international travel for a while.
Q: who is your favourite character that you have written?
A: I love them all, but the funny dialogue people (like Adrian and Dorian) are the most fun to write.
Q: I miss Adrian already...when is the projected release of the next book?
A: November 19.
Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration in your life?
A: No single person, but I've been blessed with many, many amazing friends and family
Q: what was your biggest inspiration to create Belikov?
A: He was Rose's match, so I needed to create him. :)
Q: can you do a signing in Ohio?
A: There are no plans right now, but it's always a possibility!
Q: how many books will be in the Bloodlines series? #AskMead Kisses from Chile! I need Bloodlines Books in spanish!
A: Six
Q: do you plan on writing another YA series outside VA's world?
A: I've thought about it, but I don't know when I'd find the time! :)
Q: who is your favorite couple from the VA/Bloodlines novels? 1
A: I love them all. They've each got their own cool dynamic going. It makes them all fun to write.
Q: What is one scene that you absolutely want in the movie
A: When I saw the script, everything important seemed to be there! :)
Q: i just want to tell you that i love you so much and i love your books lkhsaf thank you for ruining my life ily
A: Glad you like them! Thanks for reading. :)
Q: what inspires you?
A: Life! There's inspiration everywhere, even in very small things like walking down the street.
Q: can we expect a international tour or at least to México soon?
A: No international travel anytime soon, I'm afraid, unless it's a set visit to the UK.
Q: how many times have you cried writing the VA/bloodlines series?
A: I don't cry over it that much! But I do still care. I'm sadder when you guys cry over it.
Q: Did you think the VA series would be this much of a success?
A: No, I certainly didn't! HUGE surprise.
Q: Does Dimitri has any flaws? 'cause he seems too good to be believable sometimes
A: Of course he does! Everyone does. :)
Q: is Adrians character inspired by anyone you know personally?
A: Afraid not!
Q: Do you think VA readers will like the cast for the movie?
A: Most of them do! Follow @OfficialVAMovie for updates.
Q: Can you maybe write about Dimitri and Russia more? I'm crazy about him and the country :))
A: Ha, I don't know! Maybe someday. :)
Q: Richelle, did you know that in Brazil, some fans call you "Tia Richelle" which means, aunt Richelle?! Lo
A: I know what Tia means, but I didn't know I was being called that! :)
Q: Have you read/watched The Host?
A: I haven't had a chance to read or watch it, I'm afraid. Seems like an interesting concept!
Q: do people on the streets of your hometown come up to you & ask about your books??
A: :) No, I'm afraid not.
Q: will we get any rose/dimitri in the fiery heart? And Lissa or Christian? What ever happened to Tasha?
A: We'll see more Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, and Christian in both the Fiery Heart and later Bloodlines books.
Q: is there any new character in TFH?
A: Sydney's sister Zoe, plus Neil the dhampir we meet at the end of Indigo.
Q: not sure if anyone asked yet, but was the Rose/Dimitri short story ever posted anywhere?
A: The story is called Homecoming, and you can only get it in an anthology called Foretold.
Q: many fans want&need to know abt Rose and Dimitri story after VA, will you consider to write series about them again?
A: We'll hear more about them in the Bloodlines series. After that, who knows?
Q: what scene are you most excited to see on screen?
A: Any of them. :)
Q would you ever write a prequel about adrian?
A: Probably not. Sorry!
Q: who do you think would be the perfect actor to play Adrian? Or do you think there is one?
A: I don't have any in mind. I'll wait and be surprised!
Q: Another thing - this is really random, but what does Dimitri think about Tchaikovsky (Russian composer)? :)
A: Dimitri would say he's a great composer, but Dimitri still prefers 1980s music.
Q: U r my fav author! U have truly inspired me & changed my life through ur stories. Did u have a Richelle in ur life?
A: Marion Zimmer Bradley is one of my fave authors, though I don't write anything like her. :)
[We missed the Q on this one] A: Their story needed to be told. :) I was thinking of them at the end of the VA series, in books 5 and 6.
Q: should we prepare anything when we read the fiery heart?
A: It's hot...but also super emotional and dark at times.
Q: what are the actual models names on the cover of The Indigo Spell?
A: The girl is Madeleine Zimmerman, but I don't know his name.
Q: Has Christian been cast yet?
A: There's been no official announcement, but I expect we'll hear in a couple of weeks.
Q: When the movie comes out do you think you can come to Georgia?? I really fell in LOVE with your book!!! And i wanna meet you!?
A: I'm sure I'll get back there someday, but I don't know when. I've had wonderful Atlanta events in the past.
Q: on a scale of 'oh god' to 'im going to need to quit my job to deal w these feelings' will people experience post FH?
A: Pretty close to the latter, I'm afraid.
Q: has turning VA into a movie always been your dream or did it just happen one day?
A: It's been in the back of my mind for a long time, but the books have always been (and still are) my passion.
Q: do you know of any big cuts they had to make for the movie?
A: I haven't seen the latest draft, but the last script I saw had all the essentials, imo.
Q: who's your favourite author and what's your favourite book?
A: I love Marion Zimmer Bradley, and The Mists of Avalon is my favorite.
Q: how many book are there going to be in the bloodlines series when it's complete
A: 6
Q: How do you feel when readers compare your series to a different series of yours?
A: I guess I'd need an example. They're certainly entitled to their opinions.
Q: can u describe dorian and eugenie in one word?
A: Complex
Q: Can you do a signing at NYC? I really want to meet you!! VA is a huge part of my life!
A: I'll be back again someday, but I don't know when yet. Sorry!
Q: Have you seen the BL teaser trailers? With Daisy and Nic? How great are they? :)
A: They're awesome. :)
Q: where is your most memorable tour stop?
A: Too tough to pick one! Every city has its own unique vibe. :)
Q: do you cry while writing your books or do you already know what will happen in the sequels? (i.e. turning Dimitri.)
A: I don't cry, but I'm sad when you guys do! (I see it coming, so it doesn't hit me as hard).
Q: Are there going to be trailers for Fiery Heart like there were for Indigo Spell?
A: I'm sure there will be! @BloodlinesBooks can say for sure.
Q: how did you get started on the first book ever for bloodlines? What was the inspiration?
A: The inspiration was just needing to tell Sydney's story after I introduced her in the VA series. I love her.
Q: Are you excited for the release of Gameboard of the Gods? Only a month away now!
A: Yes! I hope people love it
Q: Are you going to be on the movie set when they star filming??? =)
A: I don't know if I'll be there when they start, but I'm sure I'll visit at some point. :)
Q: Are you a Strigoi. Moroi or a little dhampir???
A: Human, I'm afraid.
Q: was there ever a time when you thought like "hey, maybe rose and adrian could end up together"?
A: Ha, I knew how that was going to pan out from day one, I'm afraid.
Q: what has been your favorite series to write?
A: They're all different, and each one is fun in its own way.
Q: when creating Sydney, at that stage, were you aware that she would be central to the bloodlines series in future?
A: Not in Blood Promise, but I knew in the later books.
Q: Yesterday you never answered the question on the panel about reading fan fiction. So do you?
A: I don't read it all. (And I did answer, but others were being too loud...ahem, @mstohland @LBardugo). :)
Q: what about dimitri family? you will show something new to us?
A: Have you read "Homecoming?" It's a story about them in a book called Foretold.
Q: Do we get some heated scenes between Lissa and Christian in future times?
A: Not anytime soon...certainly not in the Bloodlines series, but we will see more of them in it!
Q: What part/scene of Vampire Academy series was the most difficult to write? btw love your books
A: "Bad" Dimitri was the hardest character to write.
Q: are you happy with the movie-process so far?
A: Extremely happy!
Q: Which you prefer be "Strigoi" , "Dhampir" , "Moroi" or "Human-alchemist" ?
A: Human-author. :)
Q: what advice would you give to people who want to write?
A: Write what you're passionate about, and try to do it each day!
Q: are afraid the va movie might flop seen as how people who haven't read the books might think of it as a twilight copy?
A: There's always that chance, but it won't change the books or the people who love the books. :)
Q: are you hoping they are going to make a movie for bloodlines is VA goes well????
A: It'd be great, but that's a lot of books away! :)
Q: Are you planning on writing any other series other than Gameboard of gods??
A: I'm sure I will someday, but I don't know what yet! :)
Q: what is the most difficult thing about write bloodlines series?
A: Writing the first book was hard because I had to get to know a whole new character, and that takes time
Q: where, in your mind, do Georgina & Eugenie go now that their published stories are over? Do you miss them?
A: miss them, but they're out there doing just fine. :) It's fun getting to know new characters.
Q: will adrian have more pine scented things in #FieryHeart ?
A: He has pineapple candles in FH.
Q: Favorite book written so far?
A: I really love the Fiery Heart right now.
Q: Have you got the chance to talk, maybe on the phone etc with Zoey, Lucy or Danila?
A: I had a 30 second call with Zoey. :)
Q: I heard a lot of people asking about a short story on ABE & JANINE.. If you had the chance, would you write it??
A: It's less about chance and more about time. :) I'm so busy, and I don't know when I'd get free time for it! :)
Q: I just wanna say thank u because vampire academy is one of the best things in my life
A: You are awesome. Thank you.
Q: do you see much international travel in the near future, or no (due to your wonderful son) (hinting at Australia)
A: Gracious @PenguinTeenAus has invited me many times, but it may be a while (so my son can come along and have fun!)
Q: Yesterday at the panels, a lot of authors said they were honored to be there with you. How do you feel about it?
A: Very humbled and very flattered because there were some MAJORLY talented people there.
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