Adrian Ivashkov

Richelle Mead har nyss postat en quote ur Adrians synvinkel! äntligen får man se en bit vad som pågår i Adrians huvud :) <3

Rowena Clark and I had met on the first day of our mixed media class.  I’d sat down at her table and said, “Mind if I join you?  Figure the best way to learn about art is to sit with a masterpiece.”  Maybe I was in love, but I was still Adrian Ivashkov.


Rowena had fixed me with a flat look.  “Let’s get one thing straight.  I can see through crap a mile away, and I like girls, not guys, so if you can’t handle me telling you what’s what, then you’d better take your one-liners and hair gel somewhere else.  I don’t go to this school to put up with pretty boys like you.  I’m here to face dubious employment options with a painting degree and then go get a Guinness after class.”


I’d scooted my chair closer to the table.  “You and I are going to get along just fine.”


skrivet av Olivia

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