Vampire Academy

Danila har för ett tag sen blivit intevjuad om Vampire Academy! Repotaget är på ryska, men en översättning har gjorts på repotaget av fans! :)
Reporter: They say, you've got a huge opportunity? To make a movie about vampires.
Danila: (laughs) Yes.
R: I am going to tell you, rumor has it, movies about vampires are 100 percent a break-up. Your character is Russian? Dimitri Belikov?
D: Uh-huh.
R: For your information, this was a question.
D: Yes. Dimitri Belikov.
R: Main character in the movie.
D: Yeah, really.
R: Oh, yes, here you go again. You've seen Warm Bodies, have you?
D: I haven't. I've seen a strange trailer where vampires fall in love with mortal ones.
R: But an amount...
D: I was surprised actually. I knew nothing about Vampire Acadmy, to be honest. When I spoke to the director of this movie for the first time, he asked me did I know VA? I honestly answered that I didn't. Didn't even have a chance to read the script then, because it was in English and with vampire terminology. Not very easy for unprepared person. Now when the story is stable, I realized how many fans of all this are out there. But I don't know, it's romantic in its own way.
R: The first was Twilight. I guess people just made a meeting to figure out reasons of success. Why is it popular? Theme - obvious, character - obvious. How many movies? This is incredible!
D: I am not a big fan of all this.
R: I can tell that. Love is everywhere. And if we remember old movies, black-and-white ones, even love was also there.
D: Yes, the book I started to read, luckily, is not about bites or sucking blood from bodies.
R: You realize that all over the Internet are two pictures - Pattinson and you?
D: Uh-huh. I woudn't want to compare. The stories are very different.
R: Level of success?
D: Pattinson is another level. I mean more popular.
R: Maybe... But they don't know who they mess with. I can see it all.
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