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Bloodlines, Chapters 24 & 25

Lee pulls a knife, and All Is Revealed.

I like that during this tense scene with Adrian and Sydney held captive, there's still a little snark, as well as a touching apology from Adrian for his earlier tantrum. I've commented in some other book club posts that every time they have to work together, it builds up their relationship that much more. This is no exception and actually kicks things up to an extremely high level. Part of it is just because of the stakes (no pun intended). Few things bring you closer than fighting for your lives. Additionally, they have to work together in a new way: with very little spoken communication. They've reached a point where they know each other well enough that can play off each other's subtle cues and can guess many (though certainly not all) of the other's thoughts. I love that they've reached this point and don't even realize it.

The logistics of a struggle like this are hard to write, especially since I'm not really an action person. I much prefer the romance and character development of a novel. But, just like Adrian's college admission, I had to go to great pains to make this scene work out. I had to come up with ways for them to be trapped yet still have the potential for escape. That's why we see the tie and knife. They successfully create a dangerous situation but also give our heroes a chance to fight back. If Lee had a gun, things would be much more hopeless.

Of course, they get pretty hopeless later when the Strigoi show up. The playing field doesn't just get leveled; it gets decimated. Much of the VA series was focused on the redemption of those turned Strigoi, like Dimitri and Sonya, but it occurred to me that there'd be plenty of people who were glad to let go of their souls for immortality and invincibility. We got a sense of this in Blood Promise, when Rose met humans who served Strigoi in the hopes of being turned.

Do you guys like Eddie's badassery? Again, I'm in these books for the romance, but I do so love it when one of these guys just turns it on--like when Dimitri defends Rose against the onslaught of guardians at the end of Spirit Bound. Eddie's gone through a lot, between the Mason and Rose shenanigans, being held by Strigoi, and his unrequited love for Jill. But despite these ups and downs, he never loses his edge. Mini-Dimitri is a force to be reckoned with.

In closing, why did I name Ms. Terwilliger Jaclyn and then call a Strigoi Jacqueline? No clue. Probably the same reason Adrian's dad and a random Strigoi were both named Nathan. Just the slip of a mind too distracted by writing witty banter and making deadline.
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