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Bloodlines, Chapters 26 & 27

Time for the wrap-up chapters, now that the dire action has resolved. It’s when we go over everything that resulted from the climax and make sure there are no unexplained threads leftover from the various plots and mysteries—unless they’re intended to extend into the next book. You know how a bunch of Harry Potter books end with Harry in the hospital while Dumbledore sits bedside and debriefs? It’s kind of the same thing.

Most of the debrief stuff in these chapters is self-explanatory, so let’s get to why we’re really here: Adrian and Sydney.

I was asked recently, “When is the moment Adrian knows he has feelings for Sydney?” Answer: right here, Chapter 27. Love hits people in different ways. I’m not entirely on board with love at first sight, but I do think you can meet a person and just be struck by them in a way that makes you take note and recognize that THIS is no ordinary person. It’s what happens when Rose first faces down Dimitri. In Gameboard of the Gods, my hero is at a party and feel likes the whole world comes to a stop when the heroine enters. Adrian and Sydney don’t have a moment like that right away, and that’s okay. Neither of them was ready for that moment when they first met.

But enough stuff’s gone down now, and Adrian is savvy enough about his own heart to finally realize what Sydney’s become to him. When it comes to women he’s really into, he has a type—which is okay, because most of us do. He likes strong women, ones who are a challenge to get, and ones who don’t take any crap from him. Rose certainly fit that bill, but it wasn’t enough to make things work. Sydney’s perhaps a bit harder to get than even he would like, but she’s treated him like no one else ever has. As we’ve established before, Sydney believes in him and trusts him. She’s made huge sacrifices for him, not simply as favors or because he’s so cute and charming. The things she’s done for him usually require him to step up in turn—which is again something few others do. Most just chuckle and say, “Here you go. I just can’t say no to you.” Sydney’s essentially saying, “Here you go. You are worthy.” She’s also a calming force to him, a tranquil hand upon the tempestuous emotions that both inspire and torment him. She is his balance.

All of this has been building subconsciously, and it crashes down on Adrian in that last scene in his apartment. This is that moment I was talking about, when his world stops and he realizes, This is no ordinary person, this is someone destined to play a big role in my life. When he goes on about how beautiful her eyes are, it’s not that he’s never noticed that she’s pretty. He has. (He’s Adrian. He always notices pretty girls). But when you look at someone through the eyes of love, they’re transformed into something more, something larger than life. Sydney was attractive to him before, but as he takes her in now, full of his feelings and realization of what an extraordinary person she is, she has become something more to him. She is no longer pretty. She is, as he will put it in the next book, the most beautiful creature walking the earth.

Does that mean he’s okay with running off with a human? Nope. Not even Adrian’s that reckless. He might be able to admit to himself that he’s fallen in love with her, but the taboos around them are strong enough that he thinks he can just squash his feelings. We’ll see how that works out for you in the next book, Adrian.
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