Vampire Academy: Bloodsisters

För ett tag sen uppdaterade Richelle Mead om filmen som skapat stor omvändning i VA världen, bland annat om att filmen kommer heta Blood sisters. Teamet bestämde att de ville ändra namnet på filmen för att de ville att filmen skulle sticka ut, så att folk inte skulle tänka; 'Åh neeej, inte en till Twilight film... -.-' 
Richelle Mead har även informerat om att hon har läst manuset för Bloodsisters och hon beskriver manuset med orden; "AWSOME" 
Richelle Mead tillade att hon hört folk säga att det i manuset stått att det skulle bli en triangeldrama mella Rose, Dimitri och Lissa, vilket är absolut INTE sant. Hon berättade även att manuset är jättebra, bara det att det visst har skett ändringar, men inte så stora så att alla fans skulle bli missnöjda, hon beskriver ändringarna som:
"The only differences are very minor things--like in The Hunger Games, where Prim gives Katniss the mockingjay pin. Is that what happened in the book? No, but it streamlines some things, saves them from hiring an extra actress, and doesn't affect the main plot. Rest easy, there are no crazy changes, like werewolves attending the school or Rose and Christian discovering they're long lost siblings. Although, that last one might be hilarious."

Vad tycker Richelle om castet då?
"If you haven't heard already, the cast is Zoey Deutch as Rose, Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri, and Lucy Fry as Lissa. Reactions are all across the board. Some people love them, some are worried. Some love only one actor, some love another. Here's the thing: there is no cast everyone will love. It's impossible. I could download the characters from my mind, and I'd get hate mail saying they were all wrong. :) The casting agency worked very hard in choosing these actors, and I think they did a great job. I have it on good authority from friends who've worked with the lovely Zoey Deutch that she's an amazing actress. And I think it's awesome that they chose a Russian for Dimitri! I mean, I wouldn't know the difference, but I'd hate it if real Russians saw the movie and were like, "That guy is obviously fake." As for Lucy Fry, she certainly looks the part, and it's fun that she's Australian, since that's one of VA's biggest fan bases. The international cast reflects VA's international following.

One more thing to consider about the cast. None of us witnessed the casting process. Only the movie team did, and they didn't just pick pictures off IMDB. These actors were screened, auditioned, read the script, did action scenes, and had to do a lot of other stuff to prove themselves. We didn't see that. The movie folks have and made decisions because they saw something awesome in this talented trio. Remember when Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss, and people were ready to riot? Then the movie team dyed her hair and gave her a bow, and she was awesome. That's how this is going to pan out too, except no bow. I'm sure they'll grow out Danila's hair, though."

Kommer filmen förstöra böckerna?
"Um, no. The books are the books. Even if this was the worst movie in the history of movies (and it won't be, not with the talent involved in writing, directing, and acting in it), no power will go in and rewrite the books. They're the canon, the original, the truth, and I'm still continuing their story. If you love them, you'll keep loving them. The movies won't change that. Movies are an awesome opportunity for us to see these scenes and people come to life, and I'm extremely supportive and excited to see what the team is going to pull off for us!"

skrivet av Olivia

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