Lissa: Lucy Fry

För de som missat: Här är de 5 anledningarna varför just Lucy skulle passa som Lissa!
1. Aussie Pride! We couldn't be MORE thrilled that one of Vampire Academy's biggest fan bases is represented by Lucy. That's right, Aussies, we love us some Richelle Mead and her amazing series is a big seller here and Lucy's role will give us an extra dash of Aussie pride when the movie hits cinemas.
2. The Ethereal Aussie. Again, not to harp on this Aussie factor, but we seem to specialise in those ethereal, classy, almost regal actresses. Think of Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Mia Wasikowska, Cate Blanchett - they all possess that combination of frail yet tough as nails spirit that our Dragomir princess grows into.
3. Haters Going to Hate. The casting announcement was met with a pretty solid response but of course, the naysayers have spoken too. What's perfect is this is an almost identical process Lissa faces in the Vampire Academy world. Detractors constantly telling her she can't do it, she's not living up to the role and everyone talking about it. Lucy's got lots of ready made emotions to tap into.
4. Unknown. Almost as much as Danila, Lucy is a complete unknown for American audiences. She's appeared in supporting roles on Aussie TV shows, but even then, she hasn't locked a major character defining role (until now!) - and that's fantastic because no one is going to have trouble shaking a previous character clear to see Lucy as Lissa.
5. Instant Reaction. While Zoey's reaction was great, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lucy's reaction to learning she had secured the role of Lissa! In fact, many fans commented that this was the photo that gave them the strongest Lissa vibes and we agree, Lucy's inherent sweetness and charm on full display
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1 klara:

OMG. jag kan inte FATTA att VA SKA BLI FILMMMMM!!! :0

2 Felix:

Oj... det var ett tag sen man kollade VAnews. och WOW. Finally ska boken bli film. Läääängtar! :D

3 Max:

Jag tycker Lucy Fry passar perfekt som Lissa. :D :)

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