Intervju med Danila om VA: Bloodsisters

Här är en intervju med Danila om VA. Ett ryskt fan har översatt texten så att vi kan få läsa det också! :)
R: Let's talk about your next project, now in the USA, "Vampire Academy" movie. Once again, vampires are on the rise. How were you put into this project?*

D: Unfortunately, i can't talk too much about "Vampire Academy" because it is linked to certain conditions. This adaptation is very popular/fashionable all over the world, just like the books by author Richelle Mead. Specific genre, designed for a specific audience. I'm interested because it expands my ability. It's really a full-fledged big Hollywood project with an interesting big role.

R: This "Vampire Academy" - is a much more serious/meaningful* project, for example, than "Twilight Saga"?

D: I, unfortunately, am not an expert on the vampire theme and "Twilight". But i was talking to a man who deals with the vampire subject for 14 years, a very smart woman, who is suitable to the subject in general, from a scientific point of view. And she says that "Vampire Academy" is quite complex in its content. I hope that working on it will be interesting. I don't think it will be like Twilight, but I want to believe that the film will be just as successful.
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