Blood sisters

Sorry för dålig uppdatering men har varit borta, eller är, just nu på skidresa. Men, producenterna har skickat ett medelande till alla fans, så här har ni det! :)

1.    Casting. This is the most asked about issue by the fans. So here’s the deal! Casting for the remaining characters for the first film is officially underway once again.


2     Locations. The final locations for shooting are now being decided by our director Mark Waters. The big news is we will be shooting the movie in Europe, mostly in and around the UK, with additional photography planned in Montana.


3.    Green light. The project was officially declared to proceed as of April 1. Our targeted (estimated) date to begin production is the last week in May.


4.    The Movie Crew has begun work with Mark in the UK, who is already in London. We are assembling an amazing line up of seasoned behind-the-scenes production talent for all the important work to be done. 


5.    The Weinstein Company is busy at work developing their plans to launch both the Official Movie Web Page and social media campaign and marketing for the film. We look forward to working closely with them in the near future, as they begin to roll out their exciting new plans.


As always, we will strive to update everyone on progress as events allow, and look forward with great appreciation for your continuing support, encouragement and inspiration, as we endeavor to bring this incredible series to the Big Screen!


All our Best,


Mike Preger

Don Murphy

Susan Montford

Deepak Nayar


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