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The Golden Lily, Chapter 10

Oh, man. I totally forgot about what happens in this chapter until I sat down to look at it for this post. The assembly and the motivational rock group! This was a little inspired by personal events. We had a lot of motivational acts come through my high school. Usually they were just individual speakers, though we did occasionally have musical groups very similar to Koolin’ Around. And although we never had a student attack any of these performers, there was a notable time at my high school when a completely unrelated fight broke out between students just as a feel-good assembly was letting out. It was kind of a shock to those who stumbled into it and wasn’t nearly as hilarious as Angeline destroying sound equipment. Sydney’s “lawyering” in the wake of it is pretty awesome.

And aww...Dimitri and Rose are having a cute lovers phone call. Although things are turbulent in Moroi Court politics, rest easy that during the events of this series, Rose and Dimitri’s relationship is pretty happy and stable. So you know they’re totally having “I love you more” phone calls and sending “xoxoxo” texts.

Lia’s pretty over the top when she accosts Sydney, but she has a fair point about ready-to-wear Halloween costumes. Seriously, have you ever read the tags in those? They tell you not to wash them, iron them, keep near an open flame, etc.. I mean, admittedly, you shouldn’t put any clothing near an open flame, but I’ve had a few Halloween costumes that made me pretty nervous wearing them. Makes me wish I had an unstable designer to design me custom stuff.
The indigo spell, 14 dagar kvar!!! :O :D
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The Golden Lily, Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter Six opens with poor Sydney being mocked by her friends for shaking Brayden’s hand at the end of the date. Here’s a true story for you. When I was in a high school, a friend of my boyfriend’s liked a friend of mine, so we set up a double date. It turned out to be terribly uncomfortable between them, and when the night ended, the guy walked my friend up to her door while my boyfriend and I waited in the car and watched. There was an awkward exchange between them, and after several long moments, they shook hands and parted ways. My boyfriend and I nearly had laughter seizures because we were mean like that. But it was pretty funny.

Anyway. Let’s see what else is happening here. I often write in little things that amuse me, and having Dimitri continue to wear his duster in a desert city just tickles me to no end. Why does he do it? How can he handle the heat? He’s Dimitri. Don’t question it. He just does that kind of stuff.

Adrian comes asking Sydney for a favor, which isn’t new behavior. What’s new is that he actually goes about it humbly and gives us a straightforward reason: “There’s something about don’t judge like the others. I mean, you do. You’re more judgmental than any of them in some ways. But there’s an honesty to it.” That’s hardly red hot passion, but it calls out one of the biggest things between them: honesty. We saw this all over the place in the last book. They don’t usually sugarcoat things with each other, and where some people would chafe against that, Adrian and Sydney welcome it in each other. As he points out here, it makes him feel comfortable.

Let’s head on over to Chapter Seven and the windmill date. When I was trying to find a place for Sydney and Brayden to go, I went over to and looked up a list of attractions in the Palm Springs area, searching for the nerdiest one I could find. This windmill farm is a real thing, though I embellished the tour specifics since I haven’t actually been on it. What I also had to do was go do all kinds of cracktastic research on wind energy so that I could build that argument between them. I’m an environmental fan, but I seriously didn’t know any of that stuff. Like I was saying the other day about Brayden, I grabbed all that info and just dumped it into his dialogue in as academic a way as possible and then had Sydney answer in kind. I was so afraid my editor was going to cut it. Normally, dry exposition like that isn’t something you’d want in a book, but here, as part of their conversation, it had a purpose. I knew most people wouldn’t follow it. Hell, I can’t follow all of it. But it was such a fantastic example of their relationship’s inner workings, and no matter his other faults, you have to give Brayden props for swooning over Sydney being a woman who stands by her opinions.

We close with a great exchange with Trey. I love that Sydney has guy friends like him and Eddie, with which there are no romantic complications whatsoever. As such, Trey has no filter on when it comes to giving guy wisdom:

“Brayden got me flowers,” I declared.
“And, why’d he do it?”
“Because he likes you, Melbourne. That’s what guys do. They buy dinner and gifts, hoping that in return you’ll—um, like them back.”
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Methinks Trey had a little more in mind than “like them back.” I guess he’s got a filter after all.

Meddelande från producenten Mike Preger

FROM: Mike Preger, Producer


To:      All OVAM fans:


It's been awhile since I've last reported to you all on all our progress. Producers Don Murphy, Susan Montford, myself, along with our entire pre-production team have been busy at work, days, nights, weekends and throughout the Holidays, moving heaven and earth, to get this job done!


We have made incredible progress over these last few months, and while many rumors abound, we have asked - and counted on - our most important team members, you, our fans, to help us keep the ball rolling and make this dream a reality!


While there are literally hundreds of important details involved in this process - too many to even list here - the fans have faithfully held strong, helping our effort grow and continuingly motivating us to keep moving forward - and so we have!


Here's what we know, what we can tell you, and what we need to yet accomplish along this journey.


1. Recently we welcomed the most critical additions to our ever-expanding family; two people who are the visionaries, creative force, and inspired artists who have taken this dream and given it life. It's hard to explain just how important their contributions are, but what they have accomplished is nothing short of genius! They are Dan Waters, our Screenplay Writer, and Mark Waters, our Director. We are so excited, and frankly, blown away, by the vision and movie they have envisioned for all of us.


2. With this full vision and powerful material now completely realized, the next critical hurdle is our distribution and marketing relationships for the coming film series. We are also very excited and deeply invested in finalizing those relationships -- and are moving forward with some amazing opportunities and people. We are closer, than you may even believe, with all this "behind the scenes" business stuff, prepping this project to move forward, and soon!


3. Rumors that we are now casting this movie are flying all over the planet. Don Murphy, the guy who is doing a lot of the heavy lifting and kicking in of doors all over Hollywood to get this project going, reported to us exclusively - right here on our Page - that casting would begin shortly. One thing I've learned in my experience in working with Don, is when he says something - believe it!!!


As has been posted by some of our more exuberant fans on the Page, limited casting has begun for some of the principle roles for the film. What we now need our OVAM team members to understand is that while all of this is very exciting, this is one of the most important phases of the entire project to be accomplished. I would like to take a few minutes to explain why...


The movie business is a complicated affair. Everything we do, every decision we make, the Screenplay Writer, the Director, the Producers behind the project, are all as important as the project itself. Every great film requires nothing less than a village of highly trained and experienced professionals to make it a reality. The Cast, those select individuals who will portray these internationally loved characters, ranks among our most critical decisions of all. This process, of first reaching out to those exceptional, and highly trained performers, is both a delicate and political process. Everything connects. For professional actors, every decision they make regarding roles they play impacts their careers, their success, and their livelihood. This is really important stuff!


Who agrees to play certain roles, often influences and attracts other performers to accept co-starring and supporting roles. It's like one big Rubik's Cube getting it right! From the beginning of this journey the one mandate you have given us is: Get it right!


But what is also important are that the distributors, financiers, marketing companies, theater owners (who will bring these movies to you), whom also set the same high standards of "getting it right"! Accordingly, there is extensive marketing research, testing, and evaluation behind these decisions, along with the creative vision of the filmmakers, all tossed into this process. Everything connects!


We understand how important these characters are to our fans. We also understand the complexity of the work and the acting experience that must be brought to these roles for the film to work. I can assure those fans and aspiring actors who believe "they" are the only ones who can play these characters, that this is not the dream job and experience they may think it is. It is extremely hard and challenging work to accomplish. The cast will be working with highly experienced filmmakers and other professionals who all rely upon their knowledge and years of experience and training to get their job right, and to do it fast!


While we completely understand and appreciate the passion of many of our fans, the decisions we must make for this film to succeed is rooted in the hard realities I've touched on above. We ask for both your continuing support and faith that we are doing the job you expect of us, and in turn, we promise you we will get this right!


As the project progresses we welcome your continuing input, ideas, professional cast considerations, and everything else you can think of to help keep us moving forward. But as we get closer to our goal - continuing to beat the odds - we must ask that some of our fan's recent activities, i.e.,spamming our wall, spamming other professional FB walls regarding our project, to stop! 


This is not helping any one, in fact, it's only hurting our efforts. Some very important team members are losing valuable time struggling with all this, while they are working their butts off trying to get this job done for all of you.


Our promise from the beginning was to make this happen. We never led anyone to believe that if we succeeded the casting for this film would be open to all fans to audition. It is really discouragingthat now that things have started coming together, that all this resentment and anger is being exhibited. We need this Page to reflect the continued positive support and promise it has always brought to the project, not to become a mash up of over zealous fans fighting and arguing over which of their friends should be given an opportunity for a starring role. Understand, the world is watching and waiting to see how this all comes together.


We desperately need the first film to be very successful, to even get the opportunity to make the next film. That's what's important, nothing else!


For professionally trained and experienced talent, access to the casting process can be facilitated through your professional representatives and agents. It's not our job to post that information here. Accordingly, we have asked our fans to not create additional problems by posting or sharing that confidential information on the wall.  For those who wish to pursue such a career, it's your responsibility to do the work, become experienced in your craft, and professionally get your careers going. Emailing and calling our casting associates is not how you launch an acting career.


While we have much more to do, many decisions are yet to be made (i.e., casting of extra's, etc). Let’s all work together here and not turn this valuable and important Fan site into a free-for-all of silly arguments and resentful fans insulting each other. OVAM should be a fun and exciting place for new fans to discover and join in the excitement yet to come.


Now, for something more in the way of news....


Regarding the casting, I can assure you, we are sparing no effort. We have professional talent from all over the planet submitting their work from: Russia, to Australia, England, the US, and beyond. It is a huge job and we are fortunate to have an exceptional team of casting professionals on the job. We are engaged in serious conversations with some extraordinary actors and actresses from all over the world. I will also assure you that this same team has spent months following our Page, so everyone can be certain that every idea that has been posted has been considered. Even the fan self-videos have been seen. So nothing, or, no one has been ignored.


We look forward to many new announcements being made in the weeks and months ahead. Let's celebrate our success thus far and help each other get through the challenges yet to come.




You all are amazing and the inspiration that keeps this entire team moving forward.


From all of us, to all of you, Thank you for that!


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